Car Of The Week – Our Alpina B3 Touring

The easiest way to describe Alpina to people who aren’t in the know is: this is the BMW M division’s more sophisticated cousin.

Less sharp edges and aggressive bumpers and more subtle sporty styling to make the enthusiast look twice and the average passer-by take no notice.

The magic of the B3 Touring, like all Alpina’s, lies underneath. Everything they can get their hands on, they fettle with all in pursuit of the best driving experience possible. Having the stiffest chassis is great for lapping Silverstone, but roads aren’t as smooth as they are on a racetrack, and what Alpina does is find the balance between Performance and Comfort like no other manufacturer.

The Engine in the G21 generation is unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Having previously taken the engine from the hottest none M car of the range and boosting the numbers, this time, however, the M340i’s B58 engine is removed in exchange for the M3’s S58. They don’t just leave it at that, though; the turbos are replaced with Alpina’s slightly smaller versions, which may seem like a backward step, but it dramatically improves low-down response and increases torque.

It’s still a riot to drive in Sport+ and certainly no slouch with 456bhp on tap, and Alpina goes into great depths adjusting every aspect of the car to make it possibly the perfect all-rounder for the UK. The driving modes cover every eventuality, the touring body means there’s still space for a family holiday, and the styling is just spot on. There isn’t another car that can do it all and still give you the joy of driving like the Alpina B3 Touring.

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