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From the ultimate high-performance 911 to the 718 Cayman & Boxster, Macan, Cayenne, and the electrifying Taycan, our showroom in North Yorkshire is your gateway to a collection that’s anything but ordinary. What sets us apart, though, is our standards. We’re not just throwing cars onto the lot – we’re curating a meticulously chosen lineup. We scour the entire UK using our vast Porsche networks to handpick the best. And if a car doesn’t meet our sky-high standards, it doesn’t make the cut. Each Porsche undergoes rigorous mechanical and cosmetic scrutiny before reaching our gates. We’re not just selling cars; we’re delivering top-tier performance, reliability, and the Porsche promise.

Are Delivery mileage Porsche’s available?

Yes, we have the entire Porsche line-up, but our speciality lies in nearly-new delivery mileage examples. Each of these comes with the Porsche manufacturer warranty, ensuring your journey begins with confidence. But here’s where the magic truly happens. Our inventory isn’t just a line-up; it’s a selection of ‘must-have’ features. Picture PDLS+ matrix headlights, sports exhaust systems, front axle lift systems, Park Assist and PASM suspension. Yet, colour is where individuality comes alive: Jet Black metallic, Gentian Blue, GT Silver, and Miami Blue are widely loved. But we also recognise the charm of a Paint to Sample (PTS) finish: Ultraviolet, Oak Green, Mexico Blue, & Signal Yellow are some of our favourites.

Choosing your next Porsche model

Whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast or just stepping into the world of Porsche, navigating through the generations, models, trims, and option packs can be a maze. We are here to decode the puzzle for you and offer a Porsche that syncs with your lifestyle and desires. Especially when it comes to the 911line-up, it’s more of a journey than just a car, kicking off with the Carrera S, the starting point, and ramping up to the heart-racing GT3 RS, engineered for those seeking track domination. In between, you’ve got a galaxy of options: coupes, convertibles, and the iconic Targa. But that’s not all; the trim levels weave their magic, pampering you with more features, technical wizardry, and style. So, whether you’re looking for a reliable daily or a weekend warrior, we are here to guide you. Our showroom isn’t just a place to buy cars; we’re creating experiences tailored to your craving for all things Porsche.

Make your first Porsche purchase with us

We want your first Porsche buying experience to be memorable, so we’ll go the extra mile to ensure we find the perfect car for you. We have a wide selection of Porsches to choose from, including the Cayenne, Macan, Taycan, Cayman, and Boxster. We’ll also help you customise your car to your exact specifications. Opt for the ‘GTS’ variants for a sporty and dynamic driving experience, including many standard headline options. We know that buying a Porsche is a big decision, and we want to make sure it’s the right one for you. That’s why we offer a no-pressure buying experience. We’ll take the time to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect car for your needs. And even after you buy your car, we’re still here to help. Our Aftersales Department is experienced in maintaining and servicing all sorts of Porsches. You can leave confident that your pride and joy will be properly cared for.

Tell me a Porsche fact I wasn’t aware of

Porsche’s influence has extended beyond its own vehicles to developing others’ cars, such as the Audi RS2, the original Seat Ibiza, and even the first Vauxhall Zafira. Yes, you read that correctly. Yet, delving into Porsche’s history demands a pit stop in the world of motorsport. No other company has invested as wholeheartedly in racing as Porsche has, crafting race cars for nearly every major series, excluding only NASCAR. While its Formula 1 triumphs might be modest, its dominance in every other realm is nothing short of extraordinary, especially at the Le Mans 24 Hours, where it has secured a staggering 19 victories.

Porsche – The smart buy

A Porsche is a wonderful thing. Not only does it put a smile on your face every time you twist the key, but it is one of the most dependable luxury, prestige, or sports cars that you can buy today. In terms of residual value, the Macan, Taycan, Cayenne, and 911 all ranked in the ‘UK’s top 10 slowest depreciating new cars in 2023’ (Auto Express, 2023). So, whether you’re financing or making an outright purchase, you can drive away confident in the knowledge that you’ve made a wise investment. Many of our Porsches are offered with the remainder of the manufacturer’s warranty, and if it’s an older example, we can offer the vehicle with an Extended Porsche Approved Warranty in many cases. If something goes wrong, you know it’ll get sorted, giving you the all-important peace of mind that you can enjoy your Porsche the way it was intended.

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