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Used Porsche Taycan for sale

The Porsche Taycan stands as a pinnacle of all-electric performance, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with the iconic design and precision engineering synonymous with the Porsche brand. Where unparalleled performance meets futuristic elegance, the Taycan can adapt to suit any need with fourteen models to choose from, all varying in Body type, Trim level and Power. With a team of knowledgeable and passionate experts, we offer a personalised service, ensuring every customer receives tailored guidance to match their preferences and requirements. Our commitment extends beyond the sale, as we prioritise customer satisfaction through top-notch after-sales support and maintenance services. Embrace the future of driving with confidence and style with the Porsche Taycan.

The Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is a groundbreaking all-electric sports saloon/estate that redefines high-performance driving in the electric vehicle (EV) era. Boasting sleek, aerodynamic lines and the unmistakable design language of Porsche, the Taycan delivers a thrilling driving experience with its powerful electric motors, swift acceleration, and sharp handling. Its advanced technology, including a cutting-edge infotainment system and driver-assistance features, seamlessly integrates with the luxurious and meticulously crafted interior. With impressive range capabilities and rapid charging, the Taycan exemplifies Porsche’s commitment to sustainable mobility and uncompromised driving dynamics, making it a standout choice for those seeking an exhilarating and eco-conscious driving experience.

Performance & Technology

The Porsche Taycan is a groundbreaking marvel in the realm of electric vehicles. Its dual electric motors, positioned for optimal weight distribution, deliver jaw-dropping acceleration, with top-tier models like the 750bhp Taycan Turbo S achieving unprecedented speeds and acceleration that can take you from 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds. The 800-volt electrical architecture enables swift charging, significantly reducing downtime, and contributes to the Taycan’s remarkable range. The precision-engineered chassis, coupled with adaptive air suspension and advanced aerodynamics, ensures an agile and responsive driving experience, setting a new benchmark for electric vehicle dynamics. Inside, the Taycan boasts a futuristic cockpit equipped with the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, featuring intuitive touchscreens, voice controls, and seamless smartphone integration. The incorporation of advanced driver-assistance technologies enhances safety and convenience, completing the synthesis of unparalleled performance and state-of-the-art technology in the Porsche Taycan.

Overview of the models

The Taycan comes in Three distinctive body types: Saloon, Sport Turismo & Cross Turismo. Both the Saloon and Sport Turismo (shooting brake) are available in 2, and 4-wheel drive variants and both have the same Base, 4S, GTS, Turbo and Turbo S trim levels. The Cross Turismo, aimed at the all-road market, is available solely in 4-wheel-drive, fitted with flared plastic arches and a raised ride height, giving it a more rugged appearance. This model is available in 4, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S trim levels with increases in Engine Power and Equipment, respectively.


The Porsche Taycan’s charging capabilities redefine convenience in electric vehicles. Utilising an innovative 800-volt electrical architecture, the Taycan stands out with its remarkably fast charging times. With the ability to recharge from 5% to 80% in just over 20 minutes, the Taycan sets a new standard for rapid charging, making it practical for long-distance journeys without extended stops. Its compatibility with high-power charging infrastructure, such as the Porsche Turbo Charging network and various fast-charging stations, ensures accessibility across various locations. This emphasis on efficient charging not only addresses common concerns about electric vehicle usability but also underscores Porsche’s commitment to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall driving experience of the Taycan.

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