Land Rover Discovery for sale

Used Land Rover Discovery For Sale

The Discovery Series 1 launched in 1989 – to rave reviews. And, over the years, the car has conquered every continent, helping explorers, documentary makers and the emergency services the world over save lives and discover new frontiers. This, the third generation, is the fifth iteration of the car – launching 27 years after the original. Weighing in at 480kg lighter than the previous Discovery, Land Rover’s latest car is practically a featherweight compared to its automotive ancestors. This weight saving is thanks to a new monocoque body construction that is 83% aluminium. High-strength aluminium makes up the crash structure – 43% of which is recycled. 

The Land Rover Discovery 

Whether navigating city streets with urban elegance or tackling challenging off-road terrain, the Discovery caters to diverse preferences. Its adaptability, advanced features, and the distinguished Land Rover pedigree make the Discovery a compelling choice for drivers seeking a refined and dynamic midsize luxury SUV. One of the most heralded qualities of the last iteration of the Discovery was its legendary ride quality. Its latest iteration continues this tradition, using the wide-spaced double-wishbone front suspension, independent integral link rear-set up and second-to-none air suspension.  

Can the Land Rover Discovery handle Off-Road terrain? 

The Land Rover Discovery is engineered to easily handle off-road adventures, providing capabilities suitable for various off-road conditions. It’s latest variation (Discovery 5) also boasts optional All-Terrain Progress Control and Terrain Response electronics, alongside Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control (releases the brake slowly when you’re stopped on a hill), Roll Stability Control and Wade Sensing (a kind of automotive sonar, displayed via the infotainment screen). The Discovery has always been about making exploration easier, and these developments are no different. It also boasts an impressive 900mm wading depth – a practical capability showing that the new Land Rover truly earns its name. This is also 200mm deeper than the old Discovery could wade, proving that the engineers are still making progress where it counts for all the aesthetic modifications. 

Land Rover Discovery Servicing & Maintenance 

The Land Rover Discovery is generally recognised as a reliable luxury SUV. Like any vehicle, its reliability depends on regular maintenance and driving conditions. It is essential to adhere to routine servicing, including oil and filter changes, brake inspections, and other preventive measures outlined in the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Entrusting your Land Rover Discovery’s servicing and maintenance to our team ensures a commitment to peak performance and longevity. Our specialised technicians possess expertise in all Land Rover models, providing meticulous care and attention to detail. We prioritise using genuine Land Rover parts to maintain authenticity and reliability. Our state-of-the-art facilities have advanced diagnostic tools for precise and efficient service. Focusing on customer satisfaction, we offer transparent communication, competitive pricing, and personalised services to meet your Discovery’s specific needs. 

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