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Used Aston Martin DBX for sale

The significance of the DBX to Aston Martin’s future cannot be overstated. It represents an unparalleled investment in the company’s long history, even prompting the construction of a new factory dedicated to its production. As the first clean-sheet-design Aston Martin since the Vanquish, the DBX symbolises the cornerstone of the company’s ambitions. Yet, for many, it stands in stark contrast to the traditional ethos of the brand. Nevertheless, it emerges as the epitome of performance SUVs, a testament even from someone who typically shies away from such vehicles. Unlike its counterparts, the DBX transcends the realm of mere overweight SUVs, boasting genuine performance credentials akin to a supersaloon.

Technical background

The DBX features a double-wishbone front suspension and multi-link rear setup, with hydro-bush technology in the front to reduce noise. Aston developed its own three-chamber air-suspension system, with Bilstein collaborating on adjustable dampers. The car’s 48V electrical system powers active anti-roll bars, capable of managing torque better than the Vantage. Its four-wheel-drive system can distribute drive between the wheels, with an active e-differential centrally mounted and an e-diff in the rear axle. Torque vectoring assists in handling. The DBX offers five driving modes: GT, Sport, Sport+, Terrain, and Terrain+. Sport modes lower the ride height progressively, while Terrain modes raise it over the GT mode. At launch, two 22-inch wheel designs are available, paired with bespoke Pirelli P Zero tires including an All Season option and winter tires. Tire sizes are split front to rear to enhance handling balance. The car is equipped with cast-iron brakes measuring 410mm at the front and 390mm at the rear, with six-piston callipers on both axles.

How is it to drive?

The DBX shares the weight issue, which is common to its peers. But it outshines them all in its ability to blend the refinement of a top-tier GT car with the dynamic prowess of the finest sports cars. Opt for GT mode and embark on any journey, long or short, and the DBX pampers you throughout. While rival SUVs struggle with shakes and judders, the DBX glides with a grace that rivals even some limousines. Its interior surpasses Aston’s current sports cars, offering a level of quality that elevates the driving experience from the moment you step inside and start the engine. But delve deeper into its capabilities, and the DBX truly impresses, regardless of your preconceptions about SUVs. Its steering is precise, and its body control is impeccable, making it feel more like a supersaloon than an SUV. The DBX eagerly responds to your commands, encouraging you to push harder and discover its engaging nature, free from the usual SUV drawbacks like slack steering or chassis wobble. With its rear-wheel-drive-like performance, the DBX surprises with its agility and handling, even outshining some lighter cars. It’s a point-to-point sports car, defying expectations with its size and weight, leaving even RS6 drivers envious of the fun behind the DBX’s wheel. While it may not match the Urus in straight-line speed, the DBX excels in cornering, swiftly manoeuvring through bends while keeping you thoroughly engaged. Even off-road, the DBX doesn’t disappoint. It navigates terrain as capably as its rivals, exceeding expectations for an SUV. In the realm of performance SUVs, the DBX stands out as a vehicle that impresses with its engineering and fulfils its promises, delivering a level of involvement and engagement previously unseen in its class.

How does it stack up against the competition?

The Aston Martin DBX is firmly established as the top-tier contender in the premium-performance SUV segment. While Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo Coupe comes in at a more affordable price, and even the range-topping Turbo S E-hybrid still more affordable, neither can match the DBX in terms of interior luxury or driving experience. The Lamborghini Urus, priced at a slightly higher price, may boast quicker acceleration, but it’s not comfortable to be driving on British roads. With the DBX, Aston Martin seems to have hit the jackpot.

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