Aston Martin DBS For Sale

Used Aston Martin DBS for sale

As a new era dawns for Aston Martin, the V12-powered DBS teeters on the brink of extinction. While we’re eager to bid farewell to certain aspects of Aston’s flagship GT, such as its antiquated HMI system and outdated interior, others will be dearly missed. The DBS embodies unapologetic old-school charm, exuding immense character and occasional intimidation, just as one would expect from a 715bhp rear-wheel drive Aston. It faces stiff competition from traditional supercars, yet the Aston carves its own path, straddling the line between supercar and GT with a unique allure that has carved out a niche of its own. And with the arrival of the sharper, even more potent DBS 770 Ultimate edition, boasting a staggering 759bhp, the DBS bids adieu with a resounding bang. Available in coupe and convertible variants, the DBS—particularly the sold-out £314k Ultimate 770—reigns supreme at the top of Aston’s line-up, alongside the DB12, offering a glimpse into the future of Aston Martin. But as the firm’s flagship super-GT approaches its twilight years, one wonders: Does it still hold appeal?

How is it to drive?

It’s a substantial vehicle, and that sensation is ever-present from the low-seated driving position, where the car’s extremities remain largely out of sight. Navigating British B-roads may initially prompt a sharp intake of breath, yet the car’s inherent nimbleness quickly acclimates you to placing it precisely on the road. The V12 engine commands attention, whether upon ignition or when delivering robust mid-range power. Only at higher rpms does it slightly lack the sonorous quality of its naturally aspirated predecessors. Indeed, the initial impression of piloting the DBS is one of effortless ease. The ride is surprisingly supple, with only occasional protests from the low-profile tires over rough terrain. Shifts from the automatic gearbox are seamless, and the steering is light and exceptionally responsive. Yet, the potency of the V12 is readily apparent; even a slight nudge of the throttle propels the DBS past slower traffic with amusing ease. The car offers three familiar engine and gearbox modes, along with an additional three for the Skyhook adaptive suspension. Switching from GT to Sport mode sharpens throttle response and amplifies exhaust noise. While the car’s softer ride is a boon during leisurely driving, enthusiasts will crave greater body control when pushing the pace. Like its modern Aston Martin counterparts, the DBS boasts a quick steering rack that requires some acclimatization. However, its precision and natural feel are definite assets, and the DBS adeptly manages its mass, exhibiting impressive agility despite its size.

Space and interior

Consider the DBS’s relative practicality, and its character truly shines through – it’s a remarkably approachable supercar that effortlessly integrates into daily life. While it may have a thirst for super unleaded fuel, the car easily accommodates younger passengers in its rear seats, and the boot offers decent space, albeit with the caveat of potential warmth for luggage stowed there. The interior presents a mixed picture; while its extravagant design showcases soft, luxurious leather, a feature common among rivals in its price range, attention is drawn to the outdated Mercedes-derived infotainment system, which feels antiquated with its diminutive screen – a stark contrast to the DB12’s modern setup.

How does it stack up against the competition?

The DBS stands in a league of its own, free from direct competitors. While the Ferrari 812 and McLaren 720S exude aggressiveness and focus, the Bentley Continental GT Speed falls short in performance and dramatic styling compared to the Aston. Even smaller contenders like the Ferrari Roma, Porsche 911 Turbo S, or the new Mercedes-AMG SL63 lack the allure and presence of the DBS and its formidable 12 cylinders. In essence, the DBS occupies a unique niche. The DBS 770 Ultimate, with its enhanced power and dynamics, commands a higher price tag, with all 499 units already spoken for.

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