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Used Aston Martin DB11 for sale

Aston Martin has weathered a tumultuous period since the debut of the DB11 in 2016. Struggling sales, excessive spending, a disastrous stock market debut, and a revolving door of CEOs have dominated headlines. However, under the guidance of Lawrence Stroll, the company’s outlook appears brighter. The introduction of the DB12 marks the dawn of a new era for Aston Martin, characterised by a refreshed and more captivating persona. Yet, this isn’t to discount the excellence of the DB11, which stood as one of the finest GT cars available until its successor arrived.

What has the DB11 to offer

Remaining true to the proven GT formula, the front-engined 2+2 offers a choice between V8 and V12 engines, both turbocharged and paired with an automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. Additionally, there’s an open-top Volante variant, all exuding the quintessential “Britishness”, synonymous with Aston Martin, alongside its enduring association with James Bond. However, Aston’s future trajectory aims to reimagine this traditional essence, introducing more assertive ‘super-GT’ models, electric vehicles, and forging closer ties with its F1 endeavors. So, is the DB11 still relevant, or does the very concept of the Grand Tourer face an existential threat? With performance saloons, estates, and even SUVs offering compelling compromises with arguably greater versatility today, the traditional GT car finds itself with just one remaining trump card. Nevertheless, the DB11 embodies the timeless qualities that have long defined the finest Aston Martins. Its unmistakable, beautiful, and commanding presence evokes the spirit of its esteemed predecessors. This unique charm is a feat achieved by the DB11 and only a select few competitors, underscoring its enduring desirability even in the shadow of its successor.

Interior and tech

Just as Aston Martins are synonymous with elegant exterior styling and countless nods to James Bond, their handcrafted interiors stand as a hallmark of luxury. The DB11 stays true to this tradition. Glide inside through the swan-hinged door – a subtle rise that ensures clearance over curbs – and you’re immediately enveloped in the rich aroma of fine leather. Nearly every surface, from the dashboard to the doors, seats, and even the optional roof panel, is adorned with sumptuous leather, instantly elevating the Aston’s ambience. In contrast to its rivals, the DB11’s interior design lacks the opulence and grandeur found in Bentley’s cabins. Furthermore, its technology is noticeably outdated, trailing behind the latest Mercedes systems by several generations. The clunky interface and antiquated graphics of the infotainment system are particularly glaring deficiencies, prompting Aston Martin to overhaul the cabin with more advanced technology for the DB12. Basic modern features like a head-up display or adaptive headlights are conspicuously absent.

What are the running costs?

Fuel efficiency has never been a strong suit for traditional grand tourers, especially with the stricter WLTP regulations in effect. The DB11 is no exception; it’s a thirsty machine both on paper and on the road. The DB11 V12 returns between 18 and 22mpg on the WLTP cycle, plummeting into the teens under spirited driving. Despite a reduction in CO2 emissions to 270g/km, the DB11 still falls into the top tax bracket. Opting for the V8 model improves fuel economy slightly, with a figure of up to 24mpg achievable under gentle motorway cruising. However, the realities of Aston Martin ownership come with a price tag. While not significantly worse than its competitors, such as the Bentley Continental GT Speed with a similar 18-22mpg range, servicing costs can be relatively high, especially if you’re upgrading from something less extravagant. The V8 variants offer marginally better efficiency, with a range of approximately 21-26mpg on the WLTP cycle. Nevertheless, settle into a motorway cruise, and you may achieve mid-to-high 20s in fuel economy.

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