Car Of The Week – Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991)

For some, this is the best Porsche 911 ever made. We can’t say we disagree with them. There’s an attitude that pervades the whole machine. It’s not just a slightly bumped-up GT3; it’s a car way angrier. 

Take the aerodynamics. I mean, you can digest the claimed numbers—a few hundred more pounds of this and that at some speed—but you’ll never be able to verify them. Instead, look at the chin, the size and angle of the rear wing, and the front fender exits. Compared with the GT3, there’s a little more low-frequency ba-boom from the RS when it starts. Everything else is familiar, bar the smaller wheel. We like the smaller wheel.  

And then you get to drive it. You can carry so much speed into corners that you don’t feel like using much of the traction capabilities on corner exits. With the systems on, you push harder. The traction is silly, and the subtle intervention of the electronics when you eventually think, screw it, I’m going to mash the throttle and see what happens, is equally mesmerising. 

At the same time, the calibration work is outstanding. This feels like a completely raw, organic driving experience. Under full load, this thing is scintillating. It accrues revs so fast and loves to work beyond 7,000 rpm. And all that by having a ride that is pretty good, with the dampers in their softest setting and the fixed-back carbon buckets that the car comes with. 

Let’s face it: for over two decades, Porsche has owned this niche—the massively fast, enjoyable track car that can still be driven on the street. And it still does. Bursting with character and ability, though, it’s the 991 RS that deserves the badge of one of the best 911s ever made. If you have even the slimmest chance of owning one, especially our beautiful Lave Orange one, do so.