When Porsche does something, it does it properly. Renowned for producing some of the most engaging, driver focused, evocative cars on the planet, any project it sets itself it does so with the utmost attention to detail and finesse. And this indefatigable mantra can be seen no more clearly than in the work of Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur in its quest to give customers the ultimate in exterior colour personalisation.

Paint to Sample, or ‘PTS’, as it is colloquially termed by enthusiastic Porsche aficionados, is Porsche’s way of giving its customers the ability to perfectly match their new Porsche to either a colour of their choice, or more commonly the chance to choose from an exclusive palette of over 160 different shades and hues. Ranging from historic 90s favourites such as Maritimeblue, Mintgreen, Rubystar, and Manausblue, to contemporary options like Nogaroblue, Yachtingbluemetallic, or Ipanemabrown, you can significantly customise the look and character of your treasured Porsche.

In the spirit of unique, eye catching configurations, our beautiful high specification Porsche Cayenne Coupe GTS is presented in gorgeous iridescent Jetgreenmetallic, giving a pleasing old-school, nostalgic feel to an incredibly competent modern SUV. Imagine walking through a dense forest in spring, rays of sunlight dappling through the canopies, transforming the greenery into an intense emerald assault on your senses, and you’re not far from the stunning iridescence of Jetgreenmetallic on a sunny morning.

But it’s not just the exterior colour of our Cayenne Coupe GTS that makes it special. Adorning the body-hugging sports seats sits a ‘classical checked textile pattern’ – a warming, inviting cloth designed to hark back to the famous patterns of the 60s and 70s that donned many 911s in period. Originally introduced on the 356, during the 1950s this distinctive Houndstooth, or ‘Pepita’ black-and-white checked design would come to be utilised on many future models.

Throughout the 1970s, and in collaboration with Recaro, Porsche created a series of brown-beige, blue-green, and red-beige alternatives which brought about greater opportunity for future individualisation and customisation. The Porsche 911 50th Anniversary made use of the material to celebrate its birthday, and the highly regarded 911-R also deployed the classical pattern to make the special model a real statement.

Enhanced by its dazzling paintwork and nostalgic seat design, our Porsche Cayenne GTS makes a real case for itself as the supreme all-round SUV. There are, however, other important details which make our example extremely impressive. The Lightweight sport package adds 22’’ GT-Design wheels in satin platinum, a carbon fibre roof, a sports exhaust system, and a collection of interior carbon and alcantara. Other optional specification includes a Burmester 3D surround sound system, a head-up-display, and an advanced air suspension setup with PASM, making it perform admirably in all environments.

Our immaculate One Owner Porsche Cayenne GTS Coupe is offered in excellent condition having covered only 3,700 miles from new and comes complete with a Porsche manufacturer warranty until October 2025.