Car Of The Week – McLaren 720S Performance Spider

If you maintain above 84 mph with the top down, you will stay dry in a massive downpour. McLaren loves numbers, but for some reason, it does not publish this figure. It should. If you’re in a 720S Spider, maintaining such a speed will be an issue physically, if not legally or morally, well outside driving on a track. 

Compared to the speed you’re most likely doing in dry weather, an 84-moving average should be no biggie. And even if you do have to slow down, you’ll stay dry at about 75, too; with the rear bulkhead being a different story. If that doesn’t work for you, the retractable roof is fast like everything McLaren makes. It goes up or down in 11 seconds at up to 30 mph. 

The McLaren 720S is one of the most extraordinary vehicles ever produced at any price. Not just because of its staggering performance (it’s recorded 0-60 runs in the low two-second range, nine-second quarter miles, and 212 mph top speeds, without the benefit of all-wheel-drive) but also because of McLaren’s totally unique set of priorities: interior space and visibility. The 720S Spider is a class leader for both. 

The biggest compliment we can give any convertible is that it drives and feels exactly like the coupe. Well, this one does. There is no perceptible loss of chassis rigidity, no change in ride, or no change in handling or braking. 

There are other fast cars out there, but none have the effortlessness about them that the 720S does. You see it takes more than high power and low weight to achieve this feeling; otherwise, all cars would be there, but guess what? They aren’t. You can maximise the sensation by setting the chassis knob to Normal and the powertrain knob to Track. In this mode, all the road information you need to go fast gets sent to your hands, and everything unnecessary gets filtered out. The car retains its steering feel and yet glides over bumps in a way one can only feel from Rolls-Royces. 

The 720S is fast enough to terrify any passenger, versatile enough to commute to work or run errands, and comfortably the most spacious mid-engined supercar on the market. It looks good, too, on our own example, finished in MSO Abyss Black metallic and ticking all the right spec boxes, plus manufacturer warranty until February 2025. 

View our 720s Performance Spider here