Car Of The Week – Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder LP610 2

There’s something about a drop-top Lambo that you can pinpoint using pure logic. It’s hopelessly impractical, yet because of the looks, the noise, and the character, it’s the only machine you want to be in for burning the last gallon of petrol on Earth. That’s how life-affirming its sonorous V10 engine is and how rich the sense of occasion can be once you’re enclosed inside Huracán’s gorgeously sculptured body. 

In reality, the thunderous soundtrack alone is more than enough to make you own one. That, combined with the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, can offer either relaxed changes or ultra-quick gearshifts. 

And if a supercar’s mission in life is to entertain drivers and bystanders and generally be outrageous, then chopping the roof off a V10-powered supercar should make it the breed’s ultimate. The EVO Spyder’s canvas roof takes 17 seconds to open or close and activates at the press of a button at up to 31mph. The cabin also benefits from an integrated duct between the headrests that reduces turbulence, and the small rear window can be lowered electrically, even with the roof up, to allow more glorious V10 engine noise into the cabin. 

At speed, it’s a faithful and accurate partner. And yes, maybe this isn’t about lap times, but the joy of dropping the roof and savouring the shock and awe of the powertrain is what a supercar is all about. That’s why the Huracán EVO Spyder will always be a poetic love letter to high-revving engines, style over seriousness, and sheer bloody entertainment. 

This is especially true for our car, finished in Nero Noctis with red interior and exterior details, looking the part but not being overexaggerated.  

Having covered just 5,300 miles from new and with a complete full Lamborghini main dealer service history, including a recent service, it promises many enjoyable drives to come.