Car Of The Week – Ferrari Purosangue

One thing is sure: regardless of whether this is an SUV or a “four-door, four-seater,” as Ferrari would like to call it, it is something to be admired for. 


The Purosangue is a continuation of a lineage of four-seat Ferraris that dates back to the 250 GT 2+2 of 1960. The details have changed a lot over the decades, but the basics are a constant: V12 up front, four-seat cabin, speed, comfort, and style in abundance. The seats are very comfortable, especially with the optional massage function, which our car has (a Ferrari first), and the panoramic roof makes it feel spacious and airy. It’s tranquil, too, keeping the sounds of tyres and wind noise at bay, allowing the occupants to enjoy the excellent sound system. There is one noise that comes in, however, the V12, one of the all-time greats.  


Smooth and cultured, yet always willing to rip past eight grand. There’s not much exhaust sound, but you get plenty of intake and combustion noise in the cabin, with the aural signature constantly changing based on engine speed and throttle position. Being naturally aspirated, managing the mighty power and torque available is easy. You’re also encouraged to rev the V12 out because, despite the broad torque curve, the engine does its best and sounds its best the higher you climb. It’s a special thing.  


And how is it to drive? Well, for the first time ever in a car of these proportions, we momentarily forgot we were in an SUV. On challenging roads or daily commutes, you only occasionally look around and think, “oh yeah, I am sitting up pretty high.” It’s stunning. 


Really, this is the ultimate four-seat, four-door GT car, and one that comes in a body style that’s so beloved by most, especially when it comes fully loaded, like our own example, having every carbon option ticked. From a vehicle dynamics perspective, its achievement can only be admired. The inevitable debate around a Ferrari SUV seems trite. The Purosangue is a marvel that uses next-level technology to service the driving experience. There’s nothing else quite like it.